Cardo Paris


The quest for French swimwear brand Cardo Paris was to rejuvenate their image as well as their audience. Proud of being authentic and natural as opposed to communicating overly retouched images, Cardo women are serious about swimming. Swim it Your Way is straight forward, graphic yet natural. The lookbook was shot by Pierre Louis and the still life images by Vasilisa Ganakova.



Customer Credits

  • Emmanuelle Cardosi, Dirigeante
  • Vittoria Larue, Dirigeante
  • Bruno Canac, Dirigeant

Agency Credits

  • Benoit Candelle, Directeur Général
  • David Polonia, Directeur de Création
  • Alexis Pineau, Directeur Artistique
  • Angèle Giraud, Chef de Projet
  • Liza Sengphong, Designer
  • Pierre Louis, Photographe
  • Vasilisa Ganakova, Photographe
  • Eugene Lee, Directeur technique
  • Dorian Delorme, Développeur