Over the course of 20 years, Sessùn has risen to the foreground of French fashion. Despite having an online presence for more than a decade, the brand has just taken to e-commerce recently starting with accessories, then gradually adding a selection of ready-to-wear products. Sessùn retained Bonjour Paris' services in order to transform its dotcom into a full-fledged e-boutique.The result was a bohemian-inspired website, both in terms of layout and the graphic details. The site was implemented on an e-commerce platform that our agency has been developing for several months, aiming to help richly storied brands explore different ways to present their creations online and provide them the tools that will help them better understand their consumer behavior, leading to more intelligent e-retail service.


Marseille, France

Customer Credits

  • Emma François-Grasset, Founder
  • Justine Roland, Head of Digital
  • Virginie Decotere, IT Project Manager
  • Stéphane André, Eshop Manager

Agency Credits

  • Benoit Candelle, General Manager
  • David Polonia, Creative Director
  • Damien Roullot, Director of Operations
  • Alexandre Tran, Director of Operations
  • Alexis Pineau, Art Director
  • Diana Marchal, Technical Project Manager
  • Angèle Giraud, Project Manager